Process Automation

Enshore helps companies and organizations who are looking for solutions that allow systems to communicate with each other. We do this through coding, integration and RPA.

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There is a growth in the use of cloud-based standard ERP solutions companies. During the implementation it is important that the complete lifecycle of this standard solution fits with the rest of your IT infrastructure. It is also a must for organizations to be flexible enough so every process can be automated, no matter if this is within or without of your ERP cloud solution . 

Flexible solutions

Our ERP professionals deliver support for various clients in automating business processes. We offer a flexible solution that uses the ERP system as a backbone platform from which the most important transactions will happen. Enshore uses independent platform and device interfaces. These are very useful to monitor the efficiency of your infrastructure. This helps your organization in reducing the amount of paper, gives you insights in real time information and reduces possible errors. This results in saving time, money and gives in some cases beneficial competition opportunities.

Enshore uses platform- and device independent software with a modern user interface. This interface is fit to enhance the efficiency of processes and to monitor it. Because of this you will use less paper, you will have the correct information in realtime, and you will limit the chance of errors. This will help you save time, money and in some cases it will give you an advantages compared to competitors. 

Specialistic knowledge

Our solutions are fully conform to the existing ERP-architecture requirements and standards. Regardless of whether it concerns an ERP System or ERP Cloud application with an ERP system of ERP cloud application. Because of our specialized knowledge of ERP systems, no time has to be wasted on bringing us up to speed in long conversations. Our consultant can work immediately on the realization of the requested functionality. In a lot of cases, we already have the key components and this helps us shorten the time to market.


Organizations are often looking for solutions that allow systems to communicate with each other. Mobility, Cloud services, The Internet of Things and the processing of data is essential for the digitalization of your organization.


A lot of software packages and hardware components offer an Application Programming Interface (API). An API is a set of program instructions and protocols that exchange data between systems. In an ideal world you can build a network in which all applications, data sources and physical devices communicate with each other even if they are on-premise or cloud-based.

Work process optimization

Our experienced consultants make it possible for internal systems to communicate without any problems. We develop smart solutions by using different techniques that optimize the operational processes within your organization. It is important in process automation and system integration to keep an eye on the whole process so that changes can be applied quickly and easily. Additionally, it is important to provide the agents involved with the right safe access.


By using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) we can automate organizational processes. We use the robots to control existing systems. The software takes over repetitive tasks from you, so you can focus on more important work. An example of RPA is retrieving price indications from different websites, invoices in an invoicing system based on Excel or to fill in certain steps in return processes automatically. In order to automatically test your software, you can use our Test Automation service.


Our customers are active in various fields. Examples include transport and logistics, pharmacy, wholesale, industry, healthcare (hospitals), communication, financial service providers and public institutions (provinces, central government).

But also for the larger software development projects with organizations such as TKP, DUO, EZ, Gasterra and the CJIB, we share our knowledge and expertise to make them a success.

 "Enshore has a great passion for automating business processes ”

Examples of projects 

  • Business travel web applications
  • Purchasing portals
  • Vaccination web applications
  • Master data management applications
  • Rental web applications
  • Datamasker
  • Collaboration platforms
  • Smart search engines
  • Chat systems and chatbots
  • The integration of barcode scanners
  • The integration of a ticket system and a cloud ERP system
  • The coupling of temperature sensors with a web application


Open sourse techniques

  • PHP
  • Java
  • Angular
  • React
  • Spring
  • Javascript
  • TypeScript
  • Hibernate
  • Elastic Stack
  • Apache Camel
  • Jenkins

Low-code techniques

  • OutSystems
  • Oracle Apex
  • Microsoft Powerapps
  • Mendix


Benefit 1

With our services we can completely unburden our customers with our high performance teams. This can best be compared to a good contractor who, with a team of professionals, delivers your home turnkey as desired.

Benefit 2

You have a full team while you only pay for the capacity you use. This gives you the latest technology and smart professionals in reach.

Benefit 3

Our team consists of a mix of business and technical knowledge. The business consultant in our team is a great sparring partner. Our consultant will work with you as if he/ she is one of your colleagues.