Microsoft Dynamics 365

Looking to take advantage of all the features Microsoft Dynamics 365 has to offer? With Enshore, you can get the most out of your Dynamics environment.

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Do you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your business processes? If so, you may find that it is a rather complex system. This causes many companies to experience problems with its use, which means they are not leveraging its full potential. Enshore helps companies get the most out of their Microsoft Dynamics environment. 

De mogelijkheden van Microsoft Dynamics

While the large scale of Microsoft Dynamics offers many opportunities, many companies fail to take advantage of them. Insufficient knowledge, for example, creates obstacles when setting up business processes and managing the system. A lot of time is spent on day-to-day activities, leaving little manpower and time to invest in process optimizations. This is at the expense of the organization's growth and progression. To get the most out of MS Dynamics, users must be trained and able to consult the right sources. Only with the right knowledge of the system, business processes will be set up properly. This reduces the number of incidents, and in turn an organization will be able to benefit from all the newfound opportunities.

To ensure that organizations can make optimal use of MS Dynamics, Enshore supports through Technology Adoption Services. With this, we not only focus on the technology and processes, but also on the users. Because we believe that organizations only become successful when they embrace their technology.

How we work

With Technology Adoption Services, Enshore ensures that organizations get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Through support in using (USE IT), managing (CONTROL IT) and optimizing (OPTIMIZE IT) their MS Dynamics environment, we focus on qualitative and sustainable results. 


For a fixed monthly fee, Enshore provides support for daily operations. Through training, support and active incident prevention, we create a smooth user experience for MS Dynamics. And in doing so, we ensure that business processes are set up properly and that the number of incidents is reduced.

 From €1000 per month 

Always at the ready

  • 24/7 availability
  • Dedicated contact person
  • Active resolution of incidents


The update management of MS Dynamics takes a lot of effort and time. We take this out of your hands. With the Enshore continuity plan, we ensure that your Dynamics environment is always secure and up to date, without you experiencing any inconveniences.

From €750 per month

Always up to date

  • Impact of updates automatically tested
  • MS Dynamics and your business processes seamlessly interwoven
  • New features immediately to be benefitted from


Always looking to be ahead of the competition? Keep identifying and addressing opportunities to take your business to the next level. With Enshore's manpower and knowledge, you can invest in the most promising optimizations for your organization. 

Fixed price per process improvement

Flexible capacity

  • Scalable capacity for your projects
  • No onboarding time, salaried employment and structural obligations.

Questions? Ask them directly

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MS Dynamics consultants.

    Our team

    Ons MS dynamics team bestaat uit professionals met een gecombineerde kennis van business en technologie. Het team is getraind om outside the box denken en uw organisatie proactief te adviseren. Doordat we werken with professionals who take responsibility for their own work, we ensure longevity, low overhead expenditure and low overall costs. 

    Who we work for

    Enshore provides ERP support to more than 30 organizations both nationally and internationally. These are organizations with a size between 200 and 10,000 employees. Our customers are active in various markets including transport and logistics, pharmaceuticals, wholesale, discrete manufacturing, healthcare (hospitals), financial services and public institutions (provinces, municipalities, central government).