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Get the most out of your enterprise technology (ERP and Finance)

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Your enterprise technology contains countless opportunities to work more efficiently. Does your organization lack the level of knowledge or manpower to take advantage of these opportunities? Through Enshore's experience, we are able to elevate your business processes to the next level. This enables you to leverage the full potential of your technology, with a minimum investment. 

Opportunity Research

A good inventory of opportunities identifies the most valuable optimizations and prevents wrong investments of time and money. Enshore helps you to create a good overview by analyzing which processes can be improved and identifying the results. Years of experience and knowledge from the market give us the insights we need to help your business move forward.

In order to work as efficiently as possible, we make an inventory of opportunities and what they may bring to the table. This enables us to make the best decisions and avoid unnecessary investments. In this process, we go through the following phases:

  • Mapping business processes
  • Analysis of used technique
  • Inventorying opportunities
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Choice for optimization

Process Optimization

In process optimization it is important to look at the way of optimizing. Your underlying request has a major influence on this. For example, you wish that fewer errors occur in a process or that the process is executed faster. If possible, a process is optimized on several levels.

Benefit 1

Within our services, we can completely take over the processes with our high performance teams. This can best be compared with a good contractor who delivers your home turnkey with a team of attuned professionals.

Benefit 2 

You will have a fully multidisciplinary team at your disposal, but you only pay for the capacity you use. This way you will always have smart professionals and the latest techniques within reach. 


Benefit 3 

Our teams are a healthy mix of business and technical knowledge. The business consultant in the team is your direct contact, with whom you build a relationship that is comparable to that with a direct colleague. 

Some examples of optimizations: 

  • Optimizing debt collection processes
  • Reducing from drop-in purchasing processes
  • Automating month-end closing processes
  • The realization of dashboards with steering information
  • Lead time of processes
  • Automate repetitive work
  • Eliminating unnecessary actionshandeling

Read more about how we optimize processes on our page about Process Automation.

Result Evaluation

With the implemented optimization, a new view of the process is created. Do the results meet your expectations? Are there new opportunities for even better or new process improvements? During the evaluation, we map out all these findings and investigate the next step. We look at whether a process can be organized even more efficiently or whether it is scalable within your company.