Control it - Change secure and agile

Updating is a precondition for innovation and contuinity.

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For the use of your enterprise technology (ERP and Finance) it is important that it remains secure and up to date. Not only by implementing updates from the software supplier, but also by making the necessary configuration adjustments. Enshore offers to take over this responsibility from you for as much as you want.

Impact Analysis at Your Fingertips

Whenever you implement an update, you want to make sure everything still works as intended. Enshore uses an Impact Analysis to map out the business processes that are affected by external changes. This provides a picture of the processes that need attention, and where adjustments may need to be made.

  • You will receive a report that defines what the impact is and how it is dealt with.
  • We provide advice on updates about new features that could be of use for your specific situation.
  • An impact analysis is usually ready within 3 days.


3 days

and it's ready

On-demand Updates

The Impact Analysis identifies the updates that need to be implemented and their impact on existing business processes. Additional configurations and additional integration adjustments may emerge from this. The updates are implemented together with these additional adjustments on various non-production environments. As soon as the business processes function 100%, the updates are implemented in the production environment in a controlled manner. Updates are usually implemented within 3 weeks. Additional adjustments and configurations as needed are included.

Automated Tests at the Ready

When releasing (quarterly) updates, your enterprise technology (ERP and Finance) vendor does not take into account your organization's unique setup and integration interfaces. To avoid disruptions in your business processes, it is necessary that the implementation of such updates is be thoroughly tested. Enshore tests in an automated manner so that issues are immediately identified and resolved. We do this with our Test Automation Tool.

Benefits of Automated Tests:

  • Your employees will not need to do testing activities.
  • Fast and early feedback prevents bugs from being sent to the production environment.
  • Human error is no longer a talking point.
  • You can carry out tests as often as you want.
  • You have the ability to implement modules and applications without limit.