Technology Adoption Services

Professional support for using, managing and optimizing of your business technology.

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Why digital adoption?

Technology only really works when it is used in the right way. This is the reason why Enshore focusses on digital adoption. We focus not only on technology, but also on how employees interact with it. By including them in our working method, the level of knowledge grows and we work towards a sustainable result.

How we work

By using Technology Adoption Services, Enshore helps organizations take full advantage of their enterprise technology. Through the support of USING, CONTROLING and OPTIMIZING their environment, we focus of qualitative and durable results.

For a set amount of money each month, Enshore offers support with daily work activities. Through training, support and actively preventing incidents, we create a smooth user experience for your staff members. Because of this we make sure that your business processes are being set up correctly and that the amount of incidents is reduced.

 From €1000 per month 

Always at the ready

  • 24/7 availability
  • Dedicated contact person
  • Active resolution of incidents


The update administration of Enterprise Technology (ERP and Finance) can take a lot of time and energy. We can take this off your hands. With the continuity plan of Enshore, we will make sure your environment is always safe and current, without it bothering you.

From €750 per month

Always up to date

  • Impact of updates automatically tested
  • Optimal connection of Enterprise Technology to your business processes
  • New features immediately to be benefitted from


Always looking to be ahead of the competition? Keep identifying and addressing opportunities to take your business to the next level. With Enshore's manpower and knowledge, you can invest in the most promising optimizations for your organization. 

Fixed price per process improvement

Flexible capacity

  • Scalable capacity for your projects
  • No onboarding time, salaried employment and structural obligations.
Knowledge Price andrisk-management Innovation Continuity Alwaysavailable

Onze focus,
uw rendement

Knowledge, innovation, price and risk management, accessibility and continuity are key to our services.

Knowledge Price andrisk-management Innovation Continuity Alwaysavailable

By helping multiple organizations from our shared service center, Enshore is able to bundle knowledge and capacity and let organizations take full advantage of our knowledge and flexible capacity. With this, Enshore is able to bind high-potentials. The consultants of Enshore keep their knowledge continuously up to date by following training and education in the field of business processes and business applications.

We don't think in (terms of) hours, but in (terms of) results. Every day we strive to offer more quality for less.

Repetitive tasks are automated or made available through self-service facilities. We primarily invest in knowledge, people and resources to support business processes.

Costs for expensive offices, leasing cars, management and sales are kept to a minimum.

Enshore enables its employees to make the most out of the available options. For our customers and employees, business as usual equals a missed opportunity. Yes we can.

Our shared service center is located in the north of the Netherlands (Groningen). Here we have multilingual, well-trained high potentials with a strong can-do mentality. The turnover of employees is very low, because of the unique challenges and freedom that Enshore offers. We also have all the necessary facilities at a good price-quality ratio.

Enshore offers 24/7 support in the Dutch and English language.

The end-users will not experience any disruptions in their procedures, because of the high sense of responsibility of our consultants. We are only satisfied when our customer sees our consultant as a colleague.

With one central point of contact, the customer has access to the entire shared service center, for both innovation and continuity issues.

If necessary, Enshore makes use of partners for specialistic business application knowledge.

Enshore works with several communication tools to be able to work fully online with the customers. This makes the progress of the work transparent and accessible at any time.

With the communication tools that Enshore makes available, a customer can work fully online with.

Start with digital adoption?

Our specialists are experts in Finance and ERP processes.  We help your employees with training, support and optimization, to make the digital transformation promise come true.

Enshore'sonboardingcan be compared to the process of changing accountancy firms. The Enshore specialists go through the following steps in one month:

1.Introduction to organization

2.Intake business processes

3.Intake business applications

4.Optional training business applications

5.Start services