Duijvelaar Pompen

For Duijvelaar Pompen (DP-Pumps), we ensure the optimization & digitization of business processes. Over the past five years, we have taken care of vertical integration from the workfloor to the ledger.

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DP-Pumps develops and produces stainless steel centrifugal pumps and pressure boosting systems. Duijvelaar is the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of increasing pressure for drinking water. Due to a progressive automated production process, DP-Pumps does not have any pumps in stock, but almost any pump can be produced directly to order. About 100,000 pumps and installations are made annually for customers around the world. Duijvelaar Pompen, under the name DP-Pumps, exports to more than 100 countries. In addition to pumps and installations for drinking and process water, DP-Pumps also supplies a wide range of pumps and installations for waste and sewage water and circulators for heating, air-conditioning and cooling.

Verticale integratie van werkvloer tot en met het grootboek

For DP-Pumps we ensure the optimization and digitization of business processes. After a successful collaboration with the supplier who also took care of the implementation, Duijvelaar felt the need to place more emphasis on continuity around process automation and optimization. With our focus on continuity, we turned out to be the ideal partner. Over the past five years, we have ensured vertical integration for Duijvelaar. Because DPP works with the best-of-breed strategy, we have implemented optimisations in the field of integrations (linking systems), realizing failure within warehouse processes and setting up additional functionalities. In addition, we have implemented various updates for DPD. This included testing and configuration work. We are currently supporting an upgrade, in which we are making adjustments to the software.

Flexible partner

The fact that DP-Pumps has been our partner for more than five years is a good example of how a long-term relationship is more important to us than a contract. “We have been working with Enshore on various projects for more than five years. During this cooperation we have good monthly contact with Roosmarijn (account manager Enshore). ” According to Niels Breedijk, IT manager at Duijvelaar. “Due to the growth that Enshore has experienced in recent years, there have been changes in the contactperson of Enshore. Nevertheless, the contact has always remained good and accessible. Enshore offers what I find important in a collaboration with an organization. In this we see Enshore more as a partner than a supplier.”

"Enshore offers what I find important in a collaboration with an organization. In this we see Enshore more as a partner than a supplier."


An example of an optimization that we have implemented for DP Pumps is the development of a custom extension to connect existing systems. DP Pumps came to us with a request to improve an interface for salesorders so that Oracle E-Business Suite would work better with new XML messages to and from SAP. An interface already existed, but it was outdated.

The challenge of this project was to improve the error handling of the old interface in a short time. Sometimes errors were not intercepted, so orderinformation could disappear somewhere in the process without warning the users. When errors were intercepted, they were difficult to find.

Together with DP-Pumps, we scrutinized the XML-orders and agreed how they should be validated. What information was mandatory and which requirements were exactly for each field? The orders are now extensively checked in advance. We have also designed an error handling mechanism. As soon as an error occurs, the exact error will immediately be sent to the user by e-mail. This contains all relevant order data and the XML-file of the order is attached to the e-mail. By this solution, error scan be intercepted and resolved more quickly.