"I want to make using enterprise applications as easy as using a smartphone."

Jeroen Hommes - Co-Founder Enshore

Founded in 2009, Enshore is run by business professionals who see that companies need a different kind of service. A service where the customer's interests match the supplier's interests as much as possible. We prove that there is a demand for this by serving more than 30 satisfied customers with around 70 Enshorians and growing autonomically.

We work with professionals with very diverse profiles. For example, we have colleagues with a banking background, but also colleagues from the healthcare sector. We always work with passion for business processes and see opportunities where others give up. In addition, we are not averse to applying cutting-edge technology. 

What we stand for

Ever since Enshore's inception, we have been working mostly remotely and on a hybrid-basis. We return the benefits this brings to our customers on a one-to-one basis.

Our office is where we meet and where ideas are born. Here we also provide space to learn from each other on both a business and personal level. Our office is where all our consultants' knowledge comes together. We invest at least 15% of our annual turnover in training and innovation, so that our colleagues can continue to grow and creativity is stimulated. Within the innovation projects, we also make use of the knowledge and ideas that students bring. For instance, we regularly have graduation and internship projects for universities and colleges.

Why we do what we do

You cannot be the best at everything; we have chosen to be the best at digital business processes. 

Many organisations have implemented technology solutions for their finance and ERP processes, but what happens to these solutions? We believe that technology must be accepted, mastered and optimised to maximise its use. The smartest and best technology in the world makes no difference if the people behind the systems do not know what it can do, do not use it or are not motivated for it. Employees have different needs, but frustrations and fear of the unknown are the biggest threat to progress. This is why Enshore focuses entirely on the digital adoption of business processes. We are trained to work with people. No question is too big or too small when the goal is to enable employees to benefit from the possibilities of the future. We believe this makes us the ideal partner to ensure that digital investments not only benefit staff but also contribute to the success of the organisation.