We are Enshore, dynamic innovators in enterprise-oriented solutions. Optimizing business processes is at the heart of everything we do. It drives the solutions we create, and the services we provide.

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''My goal is to make using business applications as convenient and intuitive as using a smartphone.''

Jeroen Hommes

Co-Founder Enshore

Founded in 2009, Enshore was built upon the realization that businesses and agencies in Europe and beyond have come to require more personalized technological services and solutions. We at Enshore are constantly revolutionizing Enterprise Technologies by going above and beyond to meet not only our own goals and aspirations, but also yours; we strive to strengthen your enterprise on a long-term basis, and we believe that results achieved is a more important metric than time and resources spent. With more than 30 pleased customers (although we prefer ‘’associates’’) supported by over 60 Enshorians, our specialists are always eager to educate, inspire and guide enterprises in their resource planning endeavors.

Team Enshore comprises executives and specialists representing expertise and experience across various industries and cultures. Inclusivity and innovation are our pillars, as we thrive on diverse thinking, practices and attitudes. Above all else, we value that our Enshorians are respected, heard and given the opportunity to hone their skills and grow alongside our enterprise. 

What We Represent

These are the core values that shape our processes:

Ever since our inception in 2009, we have been providing our employees with ample opportunity to work remotely. As early adopters of telecommuting, we believe that an easy-going approach to management serves our employees and customers alike.

While we strongly advocate remote working opportunities, we also recognize that our headquarters in Groningen is where Enshorians are best able to get to know our business, and more importantly one another. Here is where the various cultures, attitudes and experiences comprising team Enshore converge into the enterprising tour de force that has driven our service leadership in recent years. Our commitment to long-term partnerships extends not only to our clients, but also to our employees; in addition to investing no less than 15% of our annual turnover in training and development, our internship and graduation programs continuously aid students and young talents in realizing their potential as the trailblazers to-be that will continue to build Enshore and shape the industry.

What Drives Us

Learn more about how we dedicate our time, heads and hearts to optimizing your digital business processes. 

Many organizations have implemented technological solutions to assist in their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) processes, but how are these solutions leveraged once they have been implemented?  We believe that in order to utilize enterprise solutions to their greatest ability, specialists and consultants must be provided not only with the tools but also the knowledge needed to optimize business processes in an ever-changing digital landscape. Talent, Ownership and Passion are the core characteristics which enable our experts to collaborate not only with each other but also with our clients in order to reinvent technological enterprise consultancy. We greatly value our people and our customers, and empower them in ways no one else can.