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Getting more out of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Do you want to get more value from Microsoft Dynamics 365? A lack of specialist knowledge often turns out to be a stumbling block when optimizing business processes. We offer the expertise and support needed to fully utilize all the possibilities of Dynamics.

Hazel Bruñola
Microsoft D365 consultant

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"Enshore offers what I deem important in a partnership with an organisation. In that, we see Enshore more as a partner than a supplier."

– Niels Breedijk (Manager ICT at Duijvelaar pompen)

Creating value after implementation

The implementation phase is a short period in which, according to a fixed process, the basis of the ERP is established. The result is a foundation on which you can build to achieve your business goals. But often this does not happen by itself. The right steps are not being taken to create the expected value. After implementation, a new phase begins, where there is focus on the long term, the way you can maximize the value of your ERP and achieve the expected goals.

Enshore specializes in this phase after implementation. Our consultants are trained to translate your business objectives into a long-term vision. We know how to get more value from your ERP and provide you with independent and honest advice.

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Shared Service Center

We work with a Shared Service Center because this enables us to offer our customers flexible support. Do you need more assistance? Then we scale up. Do you need less assistance? Then we scale back. Do you need a BI specialist in addition to functional consultants? No problem. We have all the expertise in-house so we can guarantee the continuity of your business processes.




Your own team

You have your own team of consultants. They get to know your organization in order to be able to operate as internal employees.

Fixed representative

Communication is key. That is why we appoint a permanent contact person who is always available and monitors the progress of your team.

Flexible capacity

It does not matter if you submit 300 tickets one week and 80 the next. Our team works as a flexible shell around your organization. We provide support wherever help is needed at that moment.

All levels of expertise

You don't want to pay a senior consultant to resolve minor incidents. That is why we work with consultants at every level, so each type of work is carried out by the right person.

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Training & support

Need support for D365? For a fixed amount per month we offer support with your daily activities. We are always reachable by telephone and via our ticket system. If you also want to work on the adoption of the platform, we train your staff. In this way we create a smooth user experience, ensure that your business processes are properly organized and reduce the number of incidents. Onlineillustrations by Storyset

System management

Managing Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes a lot of work. It requires the right knowledge and takes a lot of effort and time. Enshore takes care of the management for you. With our continuity plan we ensure that your D365 environment is always safe and up-to-date, without causing you any inconvenience. By making your environment future-proof, we reduce the number of issues and you are better prepared for changes. Technologyillustrations by Storyset


It's always possible to get more out of technology. By accelerating processes and minimizing errors, you increase returns. Therefore, continue to identify opportunities to take your business operations to a higher level. You can scale up and down flexibly the manpower knowledge we provide. As soon as you wish, we will investigate where you can best invest and implement the most promising optimizations for your organization.

Why Enshore?

Our experience shows that an investment in the optimization of business technology pays off in job satisfaction, efficiency and financial goals. Unrealized ambitions at the time of implementation were not too ambitious, but were not properly implemented. We offer the right knowledge and execution to realize these ambitions. We are still the regular technological partner for 98% of the companies where we started our support services.

Because we are a technologically independent partner, we always give independent and honest advice.Would you like to experience it for yourself? Request an audit. Our consultants will examine your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment as a second opinion and provide their independent advice. For free.

We perform an analysis of your D365 environment in one week. You will then receive an advisory report with specific points for improvement within 5 working days.